Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business


Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business


Welcome to my latest blog. You’re here because you want to know if you should use LinkedIn to help grow your business.

I will tell you that using LinkedIn is a great way to help build your business. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people that are in the same industry as you. This is going to allow you to connect with liked minded people that can help you with your business. 

I personally have been using LinkedIn for a few years now and I find that it has really helped me to reach my target audience. I now have over 9000 connections.

One of the great things about LinkedIn  is that  your connections have connections and sometimes those other connections are looking for what I have to offer.

How To Get More Connections On LinkedIn

If you’re just starting out you might be thinking I don’t have a lot of people to connect with so this might now be for me. No worries I have a great solution for you! I bought a 1 yr membership to

The cost is only $49.95 for 1 year or you can do a monthly charge of $10.95

It made total sense to me to do the year package because I was getting 7 months free.

Toplinked has been around since 2006. This was important to me because it showed that they know what they are doing and I was not going to be taken by a fly-by-night site.

Top Linked is THE quickest and easy way to get connected with like-minded people on any (or all!) of these sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Academy, Xing, Bebo, Blue Chip Expert, Friendster, hi5, Konnects,, Naymz, Orkut, Perfect Networker, Plaxo, Ryze, Tagged, UNYK and Viadeo

Now get out there and start using LinkedIn to help grow your business. Get connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Be interactive and start growing your business!

Final Thought

I hope this has been helpful and informative. Please be sure to read my blog about how important good grammar is in any business.

Make sure to leave me any comments on this post! I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this.

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