Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work?

A little about me first. I have been lucky enough to be able to work from home for the last 11 year. I have tried a lot of different opportunities and this is one of the best programs I have come across.


Wealthy Affiliate Training – Lots Of Great Options To Help You


As someone that has been looking for a business that made sense to get involved with, the first thing I liked was that The company has been around for a long time(14 years) I also loved that they are in 193 countries. That showed me that they are a very reliable company. I also loved that you can start this business for free. So there is no fear of losing money with this company.

Now I know that a lot of business opportunities give you only a couple of days then locks everything down if you don’t pay up. Wealthy affiliate gives you five days of everything you need to get started.

Now after the five days you can still build your business for free. If you decide to upgrade to the premium package you will have full access to everything they offer. One of the nice things I like about the premium package is that the first month is only $19. This will give you a great start on building your business with all their great tools.

​After that, the cost is $50 a month or you can do a year payment of $356. By that point, you should be well on your way to making money to cover your cost.


You also get access to Jaaxy. Jaaxy is an awesome SEO Search engine that you can try for free! You will get 30 free searches to help you build your business.

Try it out for free below


You can get started with your free account by clicking this link:


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Should I go Premium with Wealthy Affiliates?


​In simple terms, I say YES! When you upgrade you get so much more! All the great tools to help you grow bigger and faster. You have access to all the help you can ask for.

Here are a few of the reasons to upgrade.

– You get professional feedback on your site. So you find out how to make it better.

– They do the technical support for your website

– You have access to one of the strongest SEO search engines. (Jaaxy)

– As a free member you get 2 websites but as a Premium member you can have up to 50 different websites

– You also make the most money.

​If you would like to start with a premium account

click here


Site Rubix:


​This is another great site that Wealthy Affiliated gives us for free!

Have you ever wanted to build a website for your a business idea but did not know how? This site allows you to do just that! No matter what your business idea is they have a temp plate to help make it a reality!

​Click the link to check it out:

 Rubix website


​I truly hope this has helped to answer some of your questions about Wealthy Affiliates. I honestly believe that if your willing to but the time and effort into this awesome business that you can and will succeed!

Thanks for reading

David Couch


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