Do You Remember Your First Online Business?


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Do you remember your first online business? Do you remember all the emotions you were feeling when you finally decided it was time to take the plunge and do something more with your life?

I think that sometimes we forget what a new person is feeling when they decide to take that big step into being an entrepreneur. So how can we help a new person?

Share Your Story About Why You Got Started

I remember when I first started with my first online business, I had a lot of doubt. How was I supposed to run any kind of business? I barely got through high school and was working as a security guard. I had no idea if I could do it.

I remember hearing my coach’s story and his coach’s story and realized that they were not that different from me. they did not have business degrees. They were down to earth people that wanted more out of life. They had families and worked around their busy lives. They had full time jobs when they got started. I started to realize that I could do this. I knew I was willing to learn and to do what it took to be successful.

I started sharing my story with people that were interested in what I was doing. It did not matter if I had just got started or if I was in business for a long time. People want to hear your story so that can find believe that they could do it as well.

Follow Success

I learned early that I had to follow success! Knowing that I would have to step outside my comfort zone in order to get what I wanted. For me it was learning to read a script and be on the phone with potential leads. That scared me because I am dyslexic. The one thing I always hated was reading out loud. I knew that if others could do it and be successful then I could learn to be as good as them or even better!

We need to be encouraging our new people! Let them know that they can do it and that we are here to help point them in the right direction. Remember life begins outside your comfort zone!

Personal Development

Jim Rohn said “Invest in yourself! The best investment you can make is in yourself” I would say to any new entrepreneur no matter what the business your starting make sure to schedule at least 15 minutes a day for personal development.

This is going to help you when you’re having a rough day or week. You’re going to learn how to better yourself. You will learn how to deal with customers and potential team member better. People around you will see that you have made a change for the better as well.

Never Miss A Training Event!

I remember when I got started my coach telling me to be at the next training event! He told me that if I was serious about exploding my business then I should never miss an event. I thought he was crazy! I just started this online business, and I worked full time I had a busy life. Then I realized that I had to be there! I met my coaches and the small team of people I had brought into the business. I saw people that were just like me, and I saw some people that made me realize that if they could do it so could I.

Schedule Everything

One of the biggest lessons I learned was to use a calendar for everything you do. Remind your new people that it is OK to be busy. Just make sure to schedule time to work your new business. I had a coach that used to say, “You can make money, or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both” That stayed with me I know today that if I don’t schedule my day, I will not get the things done I want to. If you want to learn more about using a calendar in your business you can read my blog on this subject,

The Importance Of A Calendar

Make A Plan

I always share with my new people my five-year plan. I know that there are going to be rough days and times when I ask myself why I am doing this? Then I remember that I have a five-year plan and that as long as I can get better every year then I know I am going to reach my goals

Message For New Entrepreneurs

If you’re just starting out remember that you can do this! Your upline wants to help you succeed and reach your goals! Reach out and ask questions. Be willing to learn and follow the plan that they are following! You have taken the hardest step! Starting your new business.

I hope you have found this interesting as well as helpful! Be sure to check out my blog all about how to Challenge Yourself

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4 thoughts on “Do You Remember Your First Online Business?

  1. Hello David, this is a very interesting article and it’s such an insightful one that gives enlightenment to how one can get started with their online business. When I first started my blogging and affiliate business, the only thing i dreaded the most was the fact that I have to engage in so much writing and I hate writing a lot. But one thing I realised is that, through serious work and dedication, everything would become easier. Also, I love the part where you introduced the use of calendar to maintain daily plans. Wow! That’s very nice for me to know. Thanks

    1. Hello RoDarrick

      Thanks for the awesome feed back on my latest blog! I was a lot like you when it came to writing for my blog. I had all these idea’s and had a hard time writing them down. Once I learned to break things down and realized that it was not as hard as I thought I began to really enjoy it.

      I am happy to hear that you like the calendar idea. It has really helped me in my business

  2. Entrepreneurship and making into a successful entrepreneur is one of the toughest things because of the risk of failure. It needs the courage to face the challenges, decisions to be made and checking your activities vs. your goal and constantly following and evaluating them.

    This topic moves me back to my journey line about a couple of years back when I started an online business right after I lost my corporate job. I took it as helping people and did not think of money so much.  

    I joined WA community with people with different level of experience and the help from the community is excellent.

    This article made me learn to reevaluate my position, making a written plan, which I do but never follow up. 

    It is a great article for every entrepreneur.

    1. Hello Anusuya.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts on my blog. One of the things I have to do to stay commit to my plan is carry it around in my back pocket. It helps to remind me where I want to be in the five years. I also have it posted on my dream-board so that I see it everyday.

      I love that your look at your business as helping people first! I believe the same way!

      Have an awesome day!

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