Why Proper Grammar Is Important In Business


When Grammar Counts!

Have you ever read a report or a email and saw that there were so many mistakes? Have you ever thought to yourself why can’t they double check before sending this out?

One of the biggest pet peeves I have is reading something that has not been checked. In today’s day and age there is no excuse for poor grammar. I believe it makes the person and the company look bad when a email or report is sent out with grammar mistakes in them.

If you’re like me, you are thinking back to your youth and remembering having your lesson drilled into you so that you knew how to use words like their, there ,and they’re or which witch is which?

It does not matter if your writing a paper for school or your writing a report for work there is no reason not to double check your work! I know you maybe saying that your are a bad speller or your to busy to make sure everything is perfect.  I say to you that there is always time to double check your work.

With all the spell check tools, there really is no excuses!

If your writing something there is going to be a good chance your using Word. Word has a great spell check built into it. I know people sometimes forget to use it. The way I look at it personally is I want my reports to look as professional as possible. I want to impress the receiver of the report. I never know who might be seeing it. In my head I am looking at this as my way of showing the company that I care enough to make it look right.

What if you’re on your cell phone or you’re just writing something on the computer and your not using Word.

I use Grammarly.com You can download it to any computer or cell phone. This is an awesome free tool that will help you take your spelling and grammar to the next level. I love that I can answer messages or emails and know that my message will be correct. There is nothing more frustrating then getting a message that does not make sense because it was written on a cell phone.

I am sure there are some other great programs that you use to help with spelling and grammar.

Remember in today’s day and age people are going to judge you on what you say and how you spell it! Text messaging is more important today in business then ever before. So don’t you think your grammar is more important them ever?

Thanks for reading this! I hope this has been helpful and interesting. Please do me a favor and leave me a message below.

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