Never Forget Where You Came From

Never Forget Where You Came From

It’s important to never forget where you came from. Sometimes in life you have to go back to where everything began. For me it was in the health and nutrition industry. 13 years ago, I started looking for a new way to make some extra income. I believed there was more out there for me than just working for someone else. I was tired of my job and felt very burnt out. I can honestly say I hated my job and really needed a change in my life. I believed that finding another job was not going to be the answer!

The Search Began

I used to work nights a lot. That gave me lots of time to watch a lot of the late-night infomercials showing people making money working from home. That always stuck with me. I honestly believed that if they could do than so could I. I just had to find the right opportunity for me!

I started my journey into the home-based business world by ordering a few different things and I just could not find what I was looking for. I am sure some of them were great companies, but nothing really jumped out at me. I had been looking and ordering different things for about a year when all of a sudden, the right business opportunity came along.

That Magic Moment!

I had got this package in the mail and put it off to the side not really thinking about it. The day that it arrived I got a phone call from my “coach” asking if I had looked at the package. I told her I was too busy and would look at it later. She told me she would call me in two days to follow up with me and to help get me started.

How could she say she was going to get me started after our call? That made me want to look at the package so I could tell her that it was not the right fit for us. Well after looking at the package my wife and I though we will hear her out and ask our questions. We did not think we were going to be getting started LOL.

The funny thing is I had told my wife that if this was not right, I would stop looking and just focus on finding another job.

The day came and we were on our way home from doing some groceries when our coached called. I asked if she could call us back in 10 minutes and we would be ready to chat with her. Well as you can guess we got started and never looked back.

Making A Commitment

I remember telling my coach that if I could make $1.00 in this business than I was going to be all in! my coach was following a system that I could follow. She made a commitment to work with me and show me how she was building her income and told me if I was willing to follow the system than I could start building an extra income as well.

Six months and a lot of hours later I was able to replace my income and walk away from my full-time job. Little did I realize that the real hard work was about to begin. I was slowly building a new team of people under me, and I was ready to start helping them grow. Now I will tell you there were a lot of ups and downs during this time. Some people quit and then there were some wanting more like myself.

Follow Success

All through this I was thankful that my coach encouraged us to read personal development each day. We had what we called a “Fast Track” That is where we read a book and every week, we chatted about the chapter we read that week. I remember taking a marker to the paragraphs that really stood out to me. It’s funny I still go back and read those same books, sometimes I find the things that stood out to me then. The funny thing is they still stand true today.

Moved On

Over the years I have been with a few other companies. Some were right for only a short time but every business I have been a part of I have learned a little more to better myself and my business! I have gained more mentors because of the different business I have been a part of.

I have now found something I am passionate about that can build an income and help people change their lives.

So, my final thought for you is this. Take your time and find something that you can be passionate about. Find something that you love and you will never work a day in your life! If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to read.

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