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What Is The Definition Of An Entrepreneur?

Hello and welcome to my latest blog. You’re here because you want to understand the definition of an entrepreneur.

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as

1) a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk

2) an employer of productive labor; contractor.

Now what does the really mean in the real world? An entrepreneur is someone that is ready to put it all on the line someone that says that they are ready to do more and be more than what they were.

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

The great thing is that everyone can be an entrepreneur. A child that decides to sell lemon aid during the summer is an entrepreneur. A teenager that rents out an extra bike to his friends or has a paper route is entrepreneur. A single mom that wants to give her children more and decides to start a business around her full-time job and her family is an entrepreneur!

Being an entrepreneur does not have any age limits! They’re people that want more and want to help others! They believe that there is something more to life than what they already have. They’re people that believe that they can do more for others while helping themselves change their lives.

In my books they are the dreamers of the world that have decided to make their dreams a reality!

What Does An Entrepreneur Do?

The first thing an entrepreneur does is make a plan! Without a plan they will plan to fail. It’s important to know what you want and how you are going to achieve you are goals, Next thing they do they tell the world what they are going to do. They know that the more people that know you are plan the less chance they are going to quit or give up. They want everyone to see them succeed. Next, they are willing to make the sacrifices now so that they can have more time later. So maybe they will not be going to as many outings or drinking on Friday nights with friends. They realize that they can have much more later if they focus now.

Being an entrepreneur does not mean you are doing this alone! If you are working from home in a new business, there is a good chance you will have a mentor or a coach to help guide you. You will grow a team that will inspire and believe in you.

When I started my first online business, I found that people had believe in me when I didn’t, they helped to push me and encourage me. I found that there is a network of entrepreneurs that will help you get through your toughest days and cheer you when you are succeed. An entrepreneur is someone that will help others with idea’s and show others the way they succeed so far.

It does not matter if you have decided to start a business from scratch or if you are following success with a home-based business. You will be able to each all you are dreams and goals as long as you never quit!

I am an entrepreneur, and this is who I am!


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