You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Should I become an entrepreneur?

Personally I believe that everyone has it in them to be an entrepreneur. We are all wired to want more and to do more with our lives. I truly believe that everyone wants more out of life! I believe that the only thing stopping people is their believe in themselves.

What Does It Take?

The first thing I believe you’re going to need is a strong why! Make sure that you have reason so strong that nothing going to stop you. It can anything from wanting to pay off your debts quicker to wanting to have more quality time with your family. There are so many different reasons to be an entrepreneur. Just remember that it has to be your why! Write down the things you want most, figure out what it is that is going to drive you to work harder. Your going to have family and friends tell you that it can’t be done. That stuff never really works.

They are not saying this to be mean. Their hearts are in the right place. They just can’t see themselves trying to be an entrepreneur. It scary to step outside your comfort zone and they just don’t want to be left behind. Your going to grow as a person and that’s ok!


Once you have figured out your why I suggest creating a dream-board. If you have a family get them involved with your dream-board. You want them to understand that things are going to be different for a while. Let them know that you are doing this so that you will be able to spend more time with them and take them on trips more or whatever it is that they want more of. You can learn more about dream-board by clicking the link below. I did a blog about them and the importance of having one.

Learn about Dream-Boards

Finding Your Niche

Now it’s time to find the right business niche for you! Maybe you have an idea already. That’s awesome. I know for me it took some time to find the right opportunity for me. I want to find something I could be passionate about. I need to figure out what I would love to do and not want to give up on.

For me it was help people. I knew I loved to help people be happy and successful.

Your Business Plan

Make sure you have a business plan! If you don’t have a plan then your planning to fail! I really do believe that. When I first got started I had a two year plan. I remember going to my first big team meeting for the MLM I was involved with at the time. The two top distributors in our organization came on stage and told us how if they did not have a five year plan that they would not be here. The light bulb went on for me and I realized I had to change my plan! I now have a five year plan for my businesses.

I have learned that I am going have great day or months. I am also going to have bad days and months where I am going to ask myself why I am here. Then I remember my five year plan.

Family/Personal Time

The last thing I am going to suggest is to always make time for yourself as well as family. There are going to be times when you get so involved with your new business that you might forget to schedule time for yourself or family.

One of my secrets to making sure I have time for myself and my wife is I put everything on a calendar. That way I know I will have time for the important people in my life!

I hope this has helped you answer the question, Should I Become An Entrepreneur?

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