How To Defeat Procrastination

Defeating Procrastination

How to defeat procrastination in any home based business can be a challenge! We have all said I will do that later I have to do….

So in this blog I am going to share some great ways to help all of us defeat procrastination!

Plan Your Day

Write out your plans for the day or even the week. I find that when I have written down what I want to it is easier to get started. I like to try to number the things I want to get done. That way at the end of my day I can scratch it off my list. Speaking of lists I love to carry mine around with me. It is so cool to be able to reach into my pocket and scratch something off. At the end of the week I can see everything I have accomplished.

Dream Boards Work

Create your own dream board. If you can see your goals and dreams it will help you to focus on what is important to you! But short term goals and long term goals on it. Reward yourself for all your hard work. Maybe it is something simple like taking the family out to a movie or on that trip you have been planning to go on. Let your friends and family see what you are going after. This way they can share your joy as you reach of your goals on your dream board! You can read more about why I think dream boards are so important to every entrepreneur. Just click the link below

Dreamboards Do They Really Work?

Tell The World Your Plans

Tell your friends and family what you want to do. Nobody wants to end up telling the people they love that they did not finish something. There is something extra about wanting to be successful when you know that people you care about know your dreams and goals. You get that extra push deep down inside wanting to prove to them that you will succeed.

Accountability Partner

You can also find someone that is doing the same business as you and challenge them! Try to find someone that will not be afraid to push you when times are tough. It might be someone on your team or it could be someone that is in the same business but has a different upline then you. There is nothing wrong with a good healthy competition. Just remember to always be positive and willing to listen and be willing to help with suggestions on how to help your partner reach their goals as well.

Time Yourself

Another great idea is to time yourself. What I mean by this is to set a timer and focus your efforts during that time. No excuses. You will find that once you get started you are going to find that the time will fly by and you will have a lot more done then you think was possible.

Use A Calendar For Everything

Make sure to use a calendar! If you don’t schedule your time, it will get away from you. Make sure to schedule your work and family time. Block off time for everyday chores and for your business. That way when you are sitting down you know that this time is for your business. Some people like to use an online calendar while others  will use pen to paper. It doesn’t matter which one you use as long as you one!

There is a saying I heard from a mentor of mine years ago that rings in my head when I start procrastinating. ” You can make excuses or you can make money but you can’t do both!” This helps to puts me back on track! I am here to make money so that I can build the life I want for my wife and I.

I hope you have found this interesting as well as helpful! Please be sure to leave me a comment below. Let me know what you do to beat procrastination!

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9 thoughts on “How To Defeat Procrastination

  1. Hi

    That was an interesting read as we often put everything in our way in order to do something. We rather have our teeth pulled out than do what is required. In this world full of distractions it is amazing if we get anything done, but the advise you have proposed in this article will be very helpful. I think attitude is very important, as long as your head is in the right place you will achieve many things.

    I am also a great believer that once you start something you don’t stop until you have finished, so you can finish something in a reasonable time.



    1. Hello Antonio,

      Thanks for your comment! I also agree with you that you have to have the right attitude when you are buckling down and getting a project done. If your head is not into your project it is going to a lot harder to get it done on time.

      Have an awesome day!

  2. While searching the internet while I was procrastinating another project, I came across your article.  I read your advice about setting a timer and it clicked!  Just like in interval training, I realized I needed to apply myself completely to a given task for a certain amount of time.  I never approached it from that angle before.  But it worked.  I divided my project of cleaning the garage into several blocks of time throughout the day and before I knew it my project was complete.  What a difference.  It felt good to get this accomplished without feeling burdened by a daunting task.  Thanks for the article!  It was a big help to me.

    1. Hello Mike,

      I am so glad that I was able to help with my timer suggestion. If I don’t schedule my time then I am going to be distracted by everything else as well.

      When I really need to buckle down I find that the timer idea is the best way for me to get things done.

      Thanks for the great comment!

  3. I really love your ideas of defeating procrastination that you have here and I certainly have this problem in my home based business

    I quite like the idea of writing my plans out for the day or week ahead but I am extremely bad at sticking to a routine so I’m not sure if I would stick to it and then I would have spent all that time writing the plans out for nothing

    Do you have any advice for someone like me who can’t stick to a routine?

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I am happy to see that you enjoyed my blog. I do have s suggestion to help you with sticking to a schedule.

      What I would do is still write down everything you want to accomplish then fold it up and put it in your back pocket. That list is going to go everywhere with you. it is going to play on your mind. I always find it very satisfying when I can scratch something of my schedule. This way it always feels like I have accomplished one of my goals and that always pushes me to try and get more done.

      I hope this is helpful!

  4. I am a master procrastinator. At first I thought it was my ADHD, I suffered from it when I was younger and did take some Ritalin. Now as an adult I still get distracted easily from my short attention span.

    One day I came across this motivational speaker, Mel Robbins on Ted Talk on why screwing up yourself. What she said made a lot of sense. She was talking about procrastination. Procrastination is way for our brain to relax from stress which explains why we see ourselves enjoying doing something simple and relax when we go through a difficult time or doing difficult task. She simply said just DO IT. By counting down 5-4-3-2-1 and do it. Magically it works for me.

    I also write down what I have to do in a day (3 things) and I check off the list. The computer app doesn’t work for me. I am more likely to execute tasks when I write them down rather typing it. 

    Let’s kill procrastination!! 

  5. Hi Daniel! Thank you for the wonderful topic. 

    As it is being said, procrastination can ruin your plans, your job and indeed your dreams. I am also an online  marketer and affiliate and I used to do some of your tips before and I got more on this post.

    Long time ago, I found someone that is really not afraid to push me when times are tough, get mad at me when I feel lazy. She’s no other than my wife. LOL.

    God Bless and more power!

    1. Hi Joemer

      Thanks for your comment. It’s funny I also have that same motivator in my life. My wife is a very big part of keeping me on track! LOL

      I hope you have an awesome day!

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