Clearing Your Workspace To Clear Your Mind

You may not know it, but your desk can be a reflection of how cluttered your mind is. The more you have on it and the less organized it is, the more things you will struggle to remember – including what you planned to do today! Here are some tips for decluttering (and organizing) your work space:

How Messy Can Your Desk Be?

When is clutter a problem? When you can’t find what you need, and when it takes longer than it should to get things done.

How can you tell if your desk is too cluttered? If any of these statements apply to you, then your desk may be too messy:

  • You can’t find a pen or paper.
  • You have to put things in an unusual place because all of the normal spots are full.
  • You can’t sit down without moving some items off the chair first.

If this sounds like your desk situation (and we’ll talk later about whether it’s possible for even the most organized person to have furniture completely free of clutter), then there are several steps that might help clarify priorities and create order:

Principles of Efficiency

  • Clutter is a productivity killer.
  • Clutter creates stress and can cause you to work slower.
  • Clutter can be a distraction, causing you to lose focus and make mistakes that you would not have made if your desk were clean and organized.

Why You Need to Close the Door

Cluttering your desk with a bunch of stuff you don’t need is like cluttering your mind with a bunch of thoughts and ideas that are not useful.

It’s important to keep your environment clean and uncluttered so that your mind can be free from distractions, so close the door on any projects that aren’t urgent or important. Keeping an open door will only encourage short-term thinking and procrastination—two things that won’t get anything done. You need to be able to focus on what matters most when it comes time for actionable tasks, like working through long-term goals or writing the next great American novel.

Use Storage When You Have Enough Space

If you have enough space, use storage for things you don’t need to access regularly. For example, if you’re a student who doesn’t need to access your books every day, store them in the bottom drawer of a bookcase. That way they won’t be visible and they can’t clutter up your desk or get in the way when you do need them.

If you have enough space, use storage for things that are used regularly but shouldn’t be visible on or around your desk. For example, if there’s a file cabinet near your desk where all of the files related to one project go (or even just one folder), it would make sense then to put those files away into that cabinet at night instead of leaving them out on top of the cabinet so that part of everyday life is less cluttered by papers that aren’t needed at any given moment.

And finally: If there isn’t enough space at home for everything, consider moving some things off-site altogether—either temporarily or permanently depending on what makes sense for those items individually (e.g., seasonal clothing could be stored elsewhere during summer months).

Once you clean up your desk you will be able to get more things done.

When you’re surrounded by clutter, it can feel like the world is closing in on you. It’s difficult to find what you need, let alone focus on the task at hand.

By clearing off your desk and removing all unnecessary items, not only will your surroundings look more organized but also it will help clear your mind. With less distractions around you may find yourself being able to concentrate better, getting more done in less time!


Now that you have read this article and learned how to clean up your desk, it is time for you to take action. You should not wait any longer because the longer you wait, the more clutter will build up. So go ahead and start cleaning up your desk today!

I hope you have found this helpful and interesting. Be sure to check out my latest blog!

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